Driving Phobia

Driving Phobia
Driving Phobia
A phobia is an extreme and abnormal fear of a situation or item. It is a mental disorder that is treatable through counseling sessions. One can also go through self help recovery sessions to avoid the extreme reactions that can be experienced when the person goes through a phobic period. Driving phobia is the extreme fear of driving. A person with driving phobia will not be able to drive a vehicle even for a short distance.

Different people experience different levels of the symptoms of driving phobia. One can experience mild anxiety when they think of driving or while driving and others may have full blown panic attached and even terror. A little anxiety when driving is normal. It is actually recommended by medical practitioners so that the driver can exercise the necessary caution when driving to avoid accidents. Extreme anxiety on the other hand is harmful to the mind as well as the body because the brain reacts in a certain way every time the phobia happens.

The situation can see a driver behind the driving wheel being completely unable to go on with the journey and if they are in a critical part of the journey, like on a highway or a fast lane, an accident can easily be caused. A person with a full blown panic attack will feel like fighting or taking defense against the danger that they feel is upon them in this case, driving.

Driving phobia can be experienced by anyone in any age bracket. The fear is usually hidden and gradually builds up every time they drive. This is an embarrassing condition and if one suffers from it, they find it difficult to tell their friends and relatives about it. a person with phobia may exhibit anxiety reactions during other times other than only when behind the vehicle's steering wheel. They may have sleepless nights or flashbacks about a past event that regards driving.

Causes of phobia are not fully known but it is believed that any fear is experienced after the situation was experienced before and the person felt fearful and what they feared actually happened. Phobias are not mere extreme fears but go beyond this to become avoidances. People with a phobia such as a driving phobia will avoid driving altogether.

Driving phobia is a mental disorder that can be self managed or treated with the assistance of a professional expert. It may take a long period to overcome the fear or it may take a relatively short period of time depending on the severity of the phobia as well as the cooperation of the person suffering from the phobia.

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  1. It is definitely hard to overcome a phobia on your own, especially if you've let it grow over a period of time but phobias can be easily treated and not seeking help will cause you to suffer needlessly. Great read! Thanks for sharing this!


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