Driving Phobia

Driving Phobia
Driving Phobia
A phobia is an extreme and abnormal fear of a situation or item. It is a mental disorder that is treatable through counseling sessions. One can also go through self help recovery sessions to avoid the extreme reactions that can be experienced when the person goes through a phobic period. Driving phobia is the extreme fear of driving. A person with driving phobia will not be able to drive a vehicle even for a short distance.

Different people experience different levels of the symptoms of driving phobia. One can experience mild anxiety when they think of driving or while driving and others may have full blown panic attached and even terror. A little anxiety when driving is normal. It is actually recommended by medical practitioners so that the driver can exercise the necessary caution when driving to avoid accidents. Extreme anxiety on the other hand is harmful to the mind as well as the body because the brain reacts in a certain way every time the phobia happens.

The situation can see a driver behind the driving wheel being completely unable to go on with the journey and if they are in a critical part of the journey, like on a highway or a fast lane, an accident can easily be caused. A person with a full blown panic attack will feel like fighting or taking defense against the danger that they feel is upon them in this case, driving.

Driving phobia can be experienced by anyone in any age bracket. The fear is usually hidden and gradually builds up every time they drive. This is an embarrassing condition and if one suffers from it, they find it difficult to tell their friends and relatives about it. a person with phobia may exhibit anxiety reactions during other times other than only when behind the vehicle's steering wheel. They may have sleepless nights or flashbacks about a past event that regards driving.

Causes of phobia are not fully known but it is believed that any fear is experienced after the situation was experienced before and the person felt fearful and what they feared actually happened. Phobias are not mere extreme fears but go beyond this to become avoidances. People with a phobia such as a driving phobia will avoid driving altogether.

Driving phobia is a mental disorder that can be self managed or treated with the assistance of a professional expert. It may take a long period to overcome the fear or it may take a relatively short period of time depending on the severity of the phobia as well as the cooperation of the person suffering from the phobia.

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Recommended Stress Relief Toys

With the high level of stress that many people face today in the workplace, at school or at home, it is no wonder that many manufacturers are coming out with stress relief toys to help stressed out people cope with stress.

stress relief toys
stress relief toys
Stress relief toys work because they are fun to use. They make great gifts to co-workers and, basically, to anyone you know who needs a quick relief from stress. Place stress relief toys at your desk and just grab them whenever stress levels are rising. They can help you relax while you play with them.

There are so many different kinds of stress relief toys. One of the most popular ones is the slinky. The classic slinky is made of metal but there are also plastic ones. They come in solid or even rainbow colors. Stretch it and watch it snap back into place or shift it back and forth between your hands as you think about work. In fact, it is a great toy to use during brainstorming sessions and planning meetings to help people relax.

Stress balls are also popular stress relief toys. They are indeed excellent stress relievers. Stress balls are made of rubber material and most are air filled so you can squeeze them when you are feeling frustrated, panicky, or tense. Just fidgeting with these stress relief toys is sometimes enough to reduce your stress level.

Other rubber stress relief toys that will sure to cheer you up a bit are stretchable toys like a rubber chicken, squishy frog, a stretchy ape or clown or stretchy happy faces which you can elongate, bend or twist. They often have tiny bead fillings so they make soft crunching sound when you squeeze them. They are fun and are great to have at your desk so you can easily play with them and get your mind off stressful work for a few minutes.

Among the top-selling stress relief toys are mini replicas of various settings such as a Zen garden, backyard garden, a beach, a sandbox and a construction zone. These settings are confined in a small box that is designed to be placed on the desktop so you can reach out and do some pretend gardening, for instance. These stress relief toys are truly enjoyable. Your officemates will want to get one of these when they see you happily hauling rocks in your mini construction site or raking the sand in your tiny Zen garden. They are really fun ways to ease work stress.

Milos Pesic is an expert in the field of Stress, Depression and Anxiety management and runs a highly popular and comprehensive Stress Management [http://stress.need-to-know.net/] web site. For more articles and resources on stress relief, stress tests, stress symptoms, stress reduction, anxiety and depression treatments and much more visit his site at:

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What To Do For Panic Attacks - Taking Medication

What To Do For Panic Attacks
What To Do For Panic Attacks

What to do for Panic Attacks? They are exactly as the name suggests, periods of panic. Brought on by worry - you can worry; until you get to the point where your body cannot handle anymore stress causing a panic attack to strike.

Panic does not discriminate when it comes to time and place they occur. They can happen in the middle of the night, when you are asleep, at work, at school, literally anywhere or any time. Some people are lucky enough only to experience an attack just the one time, but there are people who suffer them on a regular basis.

The worry of the next one striking can bring another one on. If you suffer re-occurring anxiety attacks, then it might be worth finding the underlying cause of what is causing them. There is normally a trigger...

Panic attacks can be treated with a successful outcome. Therefore, it is advisable that you make an appointment and speak with your doctor. There are many different methods of treatment.

What to do for panic attacks? There are self-help strategies and books, which help with panic attacks, or therapies which help you, overcome them. It is a case of finding which the best solution is for you. I found reading 'Feel the fear and do it anyway' by Susan Jeffers helped with my recovery. Running away from what causes your panic is not the solution. Facing them head on is the key. Yes! Taking steps out of your comfort zone into the unknown.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a practical solution to avoiding another attack without the use of drugs. Avoid drugs of any kind, prescribed drugs or otherwise. If you have not heard of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, then this style of therapy is about studying your thought patterns and teaching you to think in a very different way. This is where I learnt about the powers of your subconscious mind and the power of positivity.

I learned how to rationalise my fears. Learning that nothing dangerous or life threatening is going to happen to you, even when driving, then the one thing which is causing such frightening thoughts suddenly does not seem so frightening.

Exposure Therapy is another method by which some people overcome their attacks. This is a form of therapy where the therapist will expose you to the one thing causing the fear in a completely safe environment.

Luke Browe is an ex-Panic Attack sufferer.

He has helped thousands of people overcome their severe anxiety and panic attacks.
Luke has released an eBook called "No Need To Panic! - Emergency Panic Attack Remedies"
For your FREE copy of the eBook, please visit Escape Panic.

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How to Remove Anxiety From Your Life Naturally

How to Remove Anxiety From Your Life
How to Remove Anxiety From Your Life
A lot of people do not want to experience the side effects that convention drugs come with. Because of this, they turn to natural anxiety relief. The number of people turning to natural remedies has increased a lot recently and if you want to remove anxiety forever you should give these remedies a try. This article will guide your first steps in natural anxiety relief.

Because of the aforementioned side effects a lot of people refuse to even try conventional medicine. And this is probably a good thing because worrying about side effects will simply add to the anxiety. To avoid this you should try the most efficient anti anxiety remedy known to man: relaxation. Increasingly stressful situations in everyday life force us to stay on the edge at all times. This can cause a lot of anxiety and relaxing is the best way to do so.

Relaxing releases endorphins in your system thus countering the effects of anxiety. This can be achieved with exercise, yoga, and basically whatever helps you relax. Simply take 10 minutes for yourself everyday and you will notice improvements. Yes, it is that simple. You do not need a cure because you are not really sick. Anxiety is a natural condition and yours is more acute than that of others because you are stressed.

When you see an anxiety attack coming you should state it clearly that this is just your body overreacting to stress. The threat is imagined and there is no reason for you to end up in the fetal position on a couch. You will probably not get it right from the first try, but you must be persistent and you will soon achieve what you want.

And, a natural technique to stop anxiety and panic attacks can be found on my site. Click here to find out the most powerful method for eliminating panic attacks and general anxiety without the use of medication.

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Panic Attacks From Alcohol - You Can Get Panic Attacks From Alcohol

Panic Attacks From Alcohol
Panic Attacks From Alcohol

Anyone can suffer from anxiety at any point in their life time. Did you know that you get panic attacks from alcohol? It is in fact true. Alcohol and nicotine can play tricks on the way people feel. To explain further, people believe that they are actually calming their nerves when using alcohol or nicotine, but in essence are only doing the opposite.

If you suffer from panic attacks, you may actually trigger further attacks, thereby worsening your condition by consuming alcohol. For one thing, while drinking may relax you at first. This is because alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Often, people will use alcohol to deal with the fear of having an anxiety attack, or to relieve stress. But when the effects of the alcohol begin to wear off, it is very common to experience an anxiety attack.

Furthermore, depression often develops which causes the individual to think more about his or her problems, which can trigger the attack and make it worse than it would've been had there been no alcohol drinking. Drinking a regular basis for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder may worsen their depression and make it even more difficult to treat this condition, not to mention how and alcohol addiction can develop.

Clinically speaking, there has been no medical evidence to prove that there is a link between drinking alcohol and triggering attacks, but many individuals who do suffer from the condition will admit that there is some type of link. But some studies have shown that those who have some type of anxiety disorder can increase their risk of having another attack after consuming alcohol by three times.

In addition to that, many people who have anxiety attacks and have had one or several after drinking, grow fearsome that there will be another attack following, it will make it even more certain that there will be one. When the effects of alcohol begin to wear off, often the individual experience nervousness, nausea and vomiting, rising heart rate and body temperature. All these symptoms increase the chance of experiencing another attack.

Therefore, if you have suffered from some type of anxiety disorder, it is in your best interest to avoid alcohol altogether. However, some people may find it very difficult, especially with entertaining, either on a personal or business level. So, in such instances, opt for one glass of wine for instance, just not as strong as spirits and would have a lesser effect on you.

Anyone can suffer from anxiety at any point in their life time. Did you know that you get panic attacks from alcohol? Get more info on alcohol tiggered attacks now on http://www.squidoo.com/panic_attacks_from_alcohol

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Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication

Is Overcoming Anxiety without Medication possible?

It is!

Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication
Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication
I have done a great deal of research on remedies for anxiety and panic attacks. I have found that there are really only a couple options to help cope with anxiety which are medication and over the counter remedies. However, there is really only one remedy that actually cures anxiety. It does not require any medication at all and actually cures your anxiety, did does not simply cover it up.

So, what is it then? It is techniques that actually show you how to retrain your mind to not have these anxieties and fears. Let me tell you how and why this works...

When you are in a situation in which anxiety occurs, your brain function actually moves from the frontal lobe of your brain to the middle. It is actually moving from logical thinking to more emotional thinking. Therefore, when the anxiety starts, your emotions take over, you get more anxious and it just snow balls from there.

If you use these techniques to retrain your mind, then before or even during an anxiety attack your brain function is able to stay in the frontal lobe of the brain and think logically instead of emotionally.
As you can see these techniques of retraining the mind to think logically during a high anxiety situation is actually curing the anxiety rather than coping with it. These techniques are how overcoming anxiety without medication is possible and will allow you to go back to leading a life without anxiety.

Jenny is and Author on Anxiety and Panic Attacks.

For more information on Overcoming Anxiety Without Medication & reviews on Anxiety and Panic Attacks go to [http://naturalremediesforanxietyandpanicattacks.com/]

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How to Treat Chronic Stress Naturally Within 3 Days

How to Treat Chronic Stress
How to Treat Chronic Stress

Chronic stress is feeling stressed out for long periods of time. This type of stress makes you more vulnerable to depression and other diseases. Furthermore, chronic stress means that your entire body is under too much stress that it cannot find time to relax anymore.

It is not good if you are under a lot of stress. Because aside from causing diseases, stress can give you so many problems because it can cause you to feel isolated, dissatisfied, and unhappy. Because of stress, your mind and body may not perform well.

Chronic stress can be treated by a lot of ways. Aside from medications like antidepressants, chronic stress can also be treated through natural ways. These are just as effective as medications. Plus, natural ways mean no side effects! And these can work as fast as 3 days!

Listening to music can be used to treat chronic stress. Our bodies respond to different types of music. In fact, you may observe that your choice of music usually depends on your mood or state of mind. If you are sad, you may listen to sentimental music. If you are happy, you will choose upbeat music. What is the best type of music for chronic stress? Studies have shown that to relieve stress, you must listen to classical music, music with flute or violin, or favorite childhood music. Remember that not all so-called relaxing music that are available in record stores can really relieve stress.

Another great way to treat chronic stress is through exercise or physical activity. If you love going to the gym, you can use this as a way to relax. You can also exercise without having to go the gym. Simply jogging or brisk walking around your neighborhood can already relieve you of stress. Physical activity like playing outdoor games is also effective to treat chronic stress. These activities make you change your focus - from the stressor to something else. Taking your mind off the stressor will help you relieve stress. Another benefit of exercise and physical activity is that these can make your body healthy.

Changing your attitude can be the key to removing stress. If you are a pessimist, try being an optimist. Learn to think positive. Positive visualizations help you look at the situation in a different light. Instead of thinking about the negative, you can focus on the positive and look for solutions to the problem. Changing your attitude can also entail learning when to say no. More often than not, people who are stressed out are the ones who bite off more than they can chew. If you are already deep in so many tasks and responsibilities, stop taking on more responsibilities. Say no when you can no longer handle additional tasks or responsibilities.

Eddy Wai KK is a certified behavioral consultant for more than 5 years and used to be a stress and anxiety sufferer. For more details on curing chronic stress, and how we can help you to treat your stress problems fast? Be sure to visit http://www.managingstresssecrets.com and get your free 10-day mini-ecourse right now.

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