Panic Attacks From Alcohol - You Can Get Panic Attacks From Alcohol

Panic Attacks From Alcohol
Panic Attacks From Alcohol

Anyone can suffer from anxiety at any point in their life time. Did you know that you get panic attacks from alcohol? It is in fact true. Alcohol and nicotine can play tricks on the way people feel. To explain further, people believe that they are actually calming their nerves when using alcohol or nicotine, but in essence are only doing the opposite.

If you suffer from panic attacks, you may actually trigger further attacks, thereby worsening your condition by consuming alcohol. For one thing, while drinking may relax you at first. This is because alcohol depresses the central nervous system. Often, people will use alcohol to deal with the fear of having an anxiety attack, or to relieve stress. But when the effects of the alcohol begin to wear off, it is very common to experience an anxiety attack.

Furthermore, depression often develops which causes the individual to think more about his or her problems, which can trigger the attack and make it worse than it would've been had there been no alcohol drinking. Drinking a regular basis for someone who suffers from an anxiety disorder may worsen their depression and make it even more difficult to treat this condition, not to mention how and alcohol addiction can develop.

Clinically speaking, there has been no medical evidence to prove that there is a link between drinking alcohol and triggering attacks, but many individuals who do suffer from the condition will admit that there is some type of link. But some studies have shown that those who have some type of anxiety disorder can increase their risk of having another attack after consuming alcohol by three times.

In addition to that, many people who have anxiety attacks and have had one or several after drinking, grow fearsome that there will be another attack following, it will make it even more certain that there will be one. When the effects of alcohol begin to wear off, often the individual experience nervousness, nausea and vomiting, rising heart rate and body temperature. All these symptoms increase the chance of experiencing another attack.

Therefore, if you have suffered from some type of anxiety disorder, it is in your best interest to avoid alcohol altogether. However, some people may find it very difficult, especially with entertaining, either on a personal or business level. So, in such instances, opt for one glass of wine for instance, just not as strong as spirits and would have a lesser effect on you.

Anyone can suffer from anxiety at any point in their life time. Did you know that you get panic attacks from alcohol? Get more info on alcohol tiggered attacks now on

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