Recommended Stress Relief Toys

With the high level of stress that many people face today in the workplace, at school or at home, it is no wonder that many manufacturers are coming out with stress relief toys to help stressed out people cope with stress.

stress relief toys
stress relief toys
Stress relief toys work because they are fun to use. They make great gifts to co-workers and, basically, to anyone you know who needs a quick relief from stress. Place stress relief toys at your desk and just grab them whenever stress levels are rising. They can help you relax while you play with them.

There are so many different kinds of stress relief toys. One of the most popular ones is the slinky. The classic slinky is made of metal but there are also plastic ones. They come in solid or even rainbow colors. Stretch it and watch it snap back into place or shift it back and forth between your hands as you think about work. In fact, it is a great toy to use during brainstorming sessions and planning meetings to help people relax.

Stress balls are also popular stress relief toys. They are indeed excellent stress relievers. Stress balls are made of rubber material and most are air filled so you can squeeze them when you are feeling frustrated, panicky, or tense. Just fidgeting with these stress relief toys is sometimes enough to reduce your stress level.

Other rubber stress relief toys that will sure to cheer you up a bit are stretchable toys like a rubber chicken, squishy frog, a stretchy ape or clown or stretchy happy faces which you can elongate, bend or twist. They often have tiny bead fillings so they make soft crunching sound when you squeeze them. They are fun and are great to have at your desk so you can easily play with them and get your mind off stressful work for a few minutes.

Among the top-selling stress relief toys are mini replicas of various settings such as a Zen garden, backyard garden, a beach, a sandbox and a construction zone. These settings are confined in a small box that is designed to be placed on the desktop so you can reach out and do some pretend gardening, for instance. These stress relief toys are truly enjoyable. Your officemates will want to get one of these when they see you happily hauling rocks in your mini construction site or raking the sand in your tiny Zen garden. They are really fun ways to ease work stress.

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